5 Methodical Ways To Break Bad Habits

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We’re flawed human beings with bad habits we’re better off without. Bad habits can take on many forms, such as procrastinating or simply loving to chew with your mouth open. The thing about kicking a habit is… it’s just so hard! And we feel you!

Which is why we have devised five ways to kick them for good!

Think about it

You should first ask yourself – why do I really want to stop this? Spend a month listing down every reason and every consequence of that habit before making your decision. When you’ve bought into the idea of why, you will naturally find yourself better prepared and determined to kick the habit.

Baby steps

If you take a giant leap, you might just fall flat on your face, and discourage yourself from kicking the habit altogether. Instead, you should take baby steps and follow through one step at a time. A neat trick is to implement a gradual reduction, so that you wouldn’t feel like you’re climbing a mountain.


Punish yourself

No, we’re not talking about physically punishing yourself, i.e pinching. You’ll look weird, and it’s too extreme anyway. It hurts to lose money though, doesn’t it? So get a jar, and fine yourself every time you do the deed. When it all becomes too painful to bear, you may just muster the willpower to put it off forever.

Dig deep into your soul

We tend to indulge our bad habits unconsciously, especially when it comes to money. Every action is backed by reason, and it is your obligation to dig deep within yourself and find out what it is. Once you are aware of your inner motivations, ditching the habit may even come to you effortlessly.

Set booby traps

We don’t wake up with motivation each morning, which means that our resolve may sometimes falter and we will end up having weak moments. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so do your future self a favour and set random reminders on all your electronic devices to keep you on track.

You can also check out more tips via this YouTube clip below:

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