7 Fun Facts About Italy

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Get to know this beautiful country

Italy is an intriguing place to visit, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and diverse architectural landscape. If you’re thinking of visiting Italy, we’ve got some fun facts that’ll give you a deeper context on this beautiful country!

Where did Italy get its name?

It’s arguable as nobody really knows for sure, but it certainly came from a root word that means “land of young cattle”. There are speculations among historians that Italy’s name may have been derived from a bull, simply because it was the symbol of early southern Italian tribes. Other theories suggest that it came from the name Italus, a king who ruled the region in the past.

Fountains, fountains, and more fountains

There are 50 large fountains in Rome alone, and that does not yet even account for the ‘nasoni’, which are small waterspouts used mainly by pedestrians. The majestic Trevi Fountain commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in the mid 1600s stands at more than 86 feet high, and can be traced back to an aqueduct built in 19 B.C.

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Why are our musical notations all in Italian?

This is because the system of musical notations we use today were created by an Italian genius named Guido d’Arezzo.

Italy is the fourth most inhabited country in Europe

Much of this is attributed to high birth rates taking place in the country. With an estimated population of 60 million people, it can be said that approximately 315 people live in each square mile in Italy!

Italians really love soccer

They love it with such ferocious passion that they have been given the nickname “tifosi”, which translates to typhus carrier. Soccer is a highly nationalistic affair, so be sure not to cross them on that one.

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Italy plays host to the highest mountain in all of Europe

This spectacular mountain called Mont Blanc, otherwise known as the White Mountain in English, is an integral part of the Alps mountain range. It sits at the border of Italy and France.

Tomato sauce wasn’t a staple in pasta until the 1600s

That’s right, we’re mind blown. It was traditionally eaten with honey and sugar in the old days. Italian cuisine has come a long way since and if we had to offer our best recommendation today, we’d say Marini’s on 57 is a sure bet. We really dig the view too, just magnifico!

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