Attract and Retain Millennials With These 4 Company Benefits

As the baby boomers are leaving the workforce, companies are looking to hire quality millennials. Every company wishes to recruit the best talent into their team, but do you have what it takes to attract and retain the millennials?

In today’s competitive hiring environment, recruiting the younger generation is a challenging task. Millennials are looking for more to gain in their jobs and are less loyal to their employers compared to their parents.

If you are looking to hire millennials, you might want to offer beyond the traditional company benefits of pensions, company car, or bonuses.

Here are some unique perks that you can display on Jobstreet‘s Job Ads to attract and retain the younger generation.

Attract and Retain Milllennials

Flexible work hours

The rigid restrictions of a 9 to 5 job don’t resonate well with the millennials who value the control over their daily life.

A work-life balance and flexible work hours are especially popular among the younger generation. By granting the employees ownership of their schedule and time, they can escape traffic during peak hours and avoid the run of mill routine. This flexibility presents a sense of confidence and trust from employer to employee that the millennials value.

Attract and Retain Millennials

More time-off

The younger generation always has a thirst for adventure, and that is why they appreciate a healthy work-life balance. While most companies offer a set number of paid holidays, you can take it up a notch and give more time off.

There are also companies that have unlimited time off that allows employees to take a break as much as they wish. This perk can boost productivity because your workers feel more motivated to get the job done to deserve more time off.

Attract and Retain Millennials

Work-from-home policy

Accessing work from home is no longer just a dream. Thanks to communication tools like Skype, it is now possible to work in the comforts of your home.

This study has shown an increase in performance when employees work from home. Also, employees experience more work satisfaction and lesser job turnover. A work-from-home policy also allows companies to save on expenses such as supplies and rent while saving time with no commute and meetings. This policy is likely to reflect well on millennials.

Attract and Retain Millennials

Off-site social events

Having social events outside the office is a fun experience. It can improve the relationships between employees, and it’s an excellent recruiting tool that can encourage employee advocacy.

By having outings, employees are also more likely to share their photos on social media. This shows their millennial followers how refreshing your company culture is.

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As the newer generation arrives, you need to make changes to cater their interests and needs. It is essential to keep your employees happy, so they can perform well and stay longer in the company.

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