Steaks: Get To Know Your Cuts


Ordering steak is complicated business, but there is no reason to shy away from it. Instead of avoiding the steakhouse altogether, read this article now and start ordering steak like a badass!

We have sectioned this piece into the four main cuts of steak available pretty much anywhere:

Filet mignon

This cut is so tender it makes us cry. It’s the part of the cow that almost never gets much exercise, thus resulting in its silky soft texture. The filet mignon makes for delightful chewing, although some of its flavours may be compromised due to the coincidental lack of fat, but hey, you can’t have it all, right? This is typically a cut for special occasions to celebrate those tender moments, get it?

Rib eye

Known for its robust flavour and high fat content. Though not as tender as its first cousin, it is still the preferred choice of many who love their steak beefy and intense. It is so satisfying to eat, and frankly when cooked right, is not at all tough by any stretch. It’s the perfect carnivore’s meal.

Marble 8 steak


It is a little bit of both – the filet mignon and rib eye – at a more affordable price. Think of this as a kind of all-rounder cut that will not break your bank. It’s a very decent steak but without the distinct and superior qualities of the first two. You may also know it as a strip steak.


This versatile cut is pretty much the sirloin and filet mignon, wistfully separated by a T-shaped bone. It is a little tricky to cook as the bone does not make direct contact with the pan, but that’s not a problem if you’re in the hands of a skillful chef. You do get some filet mignon for a fraction of the price after all!

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