How To Take Better Selfies



A lot of people trash the Kardashians for their obsession with taking selfies, although the action actually requires effort and skill. You can hate them, but you have to give them credit for it because it’s not that easy and not everyone is good at it. I have a colleague who isn’t averse to taking selfies, but just rather not because he can’t seem to get a nice angle of himself, so he says.

I’m sure it’s a combination of several things, and if you’re anything like him, I’m happy to share some useful tips to help you get a good shot of yourself!


This is the ultimate factor that is going to make or break your selfie. Do you recall a time when people loved positioning their cameras high above their heads? If you’re still doing that, stop it now. Don’t go to the other extreme either because you’re going to create two or three more layers of chin, which is kind of trendy nowadays, for some weird reason. The sweet spot is where the camera is held out in front of you, almost at eye-level, but just angled downwards ever so slightly.



Do not even think about taking ghastly selfies whenever you’re standing or seated directly under a harsh light source, i.e: street lamp. Taking selfies in fluorescent lighting is not great either, but if you have absolutely no choice, then look for soft lighting like a table candle or something. Natural sunlight is the best because it makes your face appear radiant and minimises shadows.

Your face

There is room for experimentation and freedom here as no two faces are the same. Try moving your face in all directions until you feel like you’ve identified a “good side”. Yeah, most people have a “good side” when taking photos, it’s a thing. Then you might want to think about what to do with your eyes and mouth. Do you wanna pout? Or smile? Or smile with your eyes? What does that even mean?


Choose the right smartphone

Everyone takes their selfies with a smartphone nowadays. The final thing you’ve gotta do is get the right one for yourself. Most brands, most notably Vivo, are riding the wave and introducing selfie-friendly features in their smartphones, so taking selfies is going to be a breeze!

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